About Us

About Palki
Palki Cuisine of India brings to you the varied cuisine of India from the different regions of the country.
With a passionate owner, and a phenomenal Executive Chef, your food and all around experience at Palki will be one to remember. It's authenticity of Indian cuisine is devine, with flavourful dishes for everyone's taste.

Why Us?
A calm and relaxed ambiance creates an adoring moment for all customers. Maintaining the standard of delicious meals and pleasant service via décor and ambiance is our motto as it eventually leaves a feeling of fulfillment on customers. To be on top by offering top-notching service means a lot to Palki and its dedicated staff.

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    10 minute walk from St. Laurent Mall.

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    4000 square foot interior can fit-in over 100 people.

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    Available parking lot.

Call Us: 1-613 741 9191

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